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         Conspiracy                                                                                                        (07/22/2010)
         Conspiracy is finally out. It's in the format of a "Single", including 4 songs composed in the period of 2007-2010 (total running time: 11:57). The recording process started in April 2010 and took 4 months till release. The recording time wasn't so long but there was too much stuff done in between that resulted in slowing down of the recording process.
          The music in the single "Conspiracy" is dark, mix of progressive and alternative. The single is conceptual. The main idea as well as the single name is "Conspiracy". Pseudo system and its realisation are shown in "Subliminal destroy". "Bass" - the formation of idea, the euphoria moment, exit process from it and further development of the idea leading to conspiracy. "Conspiracy" shows the struggle for idea. "VIII" - condition of uncertainty that will lead to the next album, the development and recording of which will start soon.

Gear used:
  • Jackson KE3 - D'Addario EXL120 (.009)
  • Yamaha RGX320 FZ - D'Addario ECG26 (.013)
  • Fender Jazz Bass
  • Line 6 Tone port GX
  • Samson G-Track
  • Adobe Audition
1 - Subliminal Destroy  (3:04)

2 - Bass                      (4:55)

3 - Conspiracy             (3:15)

4 - VIII                        (0:45)
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Download "Conspiracy" single (23.8 MB).